Bonus equipment free wokout!

Looking for more? Here's another equipment-free BONUS Workout!

Five rounds of: 

Plank Jacks, slide feet in and out
Mountain Climbers
Reach forward tricep pushup 
Do each move for 30 seconds and rest for 20.
Do 10 rounds to challenge yourself!

Pushup one arm doing a triceps pushup as you slide your other hand forward. Great workout for the upperbody and core. Use anything that will slide across the floor. Socks. Rags. Even plates! Oh, you may modify by getting on your knees. Make sure you keep your abs in at all times. Feet should slide and never leave the ground, same with your hands.

Featuring: Marilyn from @rockfitnesscamp 
NASM Certified FitnessTrainer
Certified Calisthenics Trainer

Friday 30.01.2015 Daily Workout

Friday 30.01.2015 Daily Workout 

12 minutes of:

10 Burpees
100 jump rope
Then: Finish burpees to 100 and you’ve completed the challenge!!

See HowTo video for both regular and push up Burpee!

Thursday 29.01.2015 Daily Workout

Thursday 29.01.2015 Daily Workout 

4 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters (2 mins interval cardio 30 secs hard/30 secs easy)
24 Front squat, 40 lbs
24 Dumbbell snatches, 20 lbs

See HowTo Daily Workout Video:

Wednesday 28.01.2015 Daily Workout

Wednesday 28.01.2015 Daily Workout 

5 rounds for time of:

5 Deadlifts, 40 lbs
25 Sit-ups
Challenge Add-on Option: 85 Burpees

Post time to comments. Watch HowTo Video:

Tuesday 27.01.2015 Daily Workout

Tuesday 27.01.2015 Daily Workout 

8 rounds for time of:
10 Burpees
20 Alternating curtsey lunges w/shoulder raise
20 Jump rope
25 Push-ups
Rest 30 seconds 
Then: No more burpees - you've done enough for today ;-)

See HowTo Daily Workout Video: